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Just get me to the church on time - Wedding packaging

by Noel Greenwood from GWD

11th July 2013

Post Type: Education Item

We’ve now entered July, and what does July usually bring with it?  Well, we’re in the UK, so I don’t think we should get too carried about away about sunshine, although we have been forecast a heatwave for next week!  However, what can be relied upon is that July ushers in the wedding season, and so I thought that we’d use our July blog to talk about the wedding work that GWD is involved in.

Brides magazine

image002Last year, we received a phonecall from fashion model Elle Liberachi.  Elle had just got engaged and was looking for a unique way to let all her prospective guests know the date of the wedding.  She decided to send a ‘Save the Date’ box containing some macaroons and a timeline of their relationship to each of their guests, and we made the box for her.  The box itself was exquisite with elaborate foil blocking on the lid and a luxurious Suedel® interior designed to accommodate the macaroons and a printed card. image001

Fast forward a year, and Elle is now married, and has been featured in the latest issue of Brides magazine.  A picture of the box we made is included in the feature, with Elle explaining that she wanted to use something a little bit different to announce their wedding, as this was the first piece of stationery that their guests would see.  This was the first ‘Save the Date’ box we’ve ever done, and we’re pretty pleased with how it turned out!

The ‘Save the Date’ box showcases our ability to create something really luxurious, and this sort of box can be an ideal way to announce your intention to wed.

On the day

Whilst the ‘Save the Date’ box was the first job of its kind for us, we’re pretty well acquainted with providing products for other parts of the wedding, with the majority of our previous work being associated with the big day itself.  One job we’re often commissioned to undertake is the construction of chocolate boxes for use at the reception. 

Once the food has been served and eaten, it can be really nice to hand round some chocolates for your guests to have with their tea and coffee, and the boxes can be made to any specification you might want.  Some of our customers have opted for a design that includes their names and the date of their wedding, and a personalised box of chocolates can be the perfect finishing touch to a lovely meal.


Another product we frequently provide for weddings is the favour box.  Whilst wedding favours are a relatively new prerequisite, they are nevertheless an essential part of a modern wedding, and we often make a little individual box containing a couple of sweets or pieces of chocolate (or something else) that is placed on each individual’s table setting.  One of our customers is the Grasmere Gingerbread Company and we make heart shaped boxes for them, to present their little heart shaped gingerbreads. Heart shaped boxes are of course highly appropriate for a wedding day, and a little heart box on each place setting can be a wonderful finishing touch.


We also make heart boxes in larger dimensions for chocolates for the whole table, but we can make boxes in a variety of shapes to suit a variety of different needs.  For example, you might fancy a box shaped like a handbag or a top hat; or anything that fits in with a wedding theme.  We love a challenge, so if anyone has anything specific they want made into a box, then throw it at us and we’ll have a go.


Naturally, you’ll want your big day to be absolutely perfect and no doubt you’ve thought of every possible way you can make it as special as possible.  If you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch, then it’s certainly worth considering the packaging, as the packaging can make a vital difference to how aesthetically pleasing your big day is.  If you are getting married, then congratulations: may you both have a long and prosperous life together!


Noel Greenwood is the Managing Director of GWD Ltd, the designers and manufacturers of presentation and promotional packaging.  You can reach him on (01279) 416093 or at the company’s website:

If your iPhone is stolen on holiday.....

by Steven Godfrey from Auditel

09th July 2013

Post Type: Education Item

Taking your iPhone abroad this summer ?  Does it contain confidential business contacts and data ?  Thefts of iPhones are so endemic that the NYPD has created a specialist squad to tackle it.  Relaxed holidaymakers are often easy prey and can find their holiday ruined by the theft of their expensive phone.  Business users are likely to find the loss of confidential information more of a worry than the phone itself.  Here are some basic measures for iPhone users to protect themselves whilst relaxing in the sun:

a)      Ensure that all handset data is backed up elsewhere.

b)      Set a passcode for your iPhone: home-> settings -> general -> passcode lock.  iOS4 is limited to four digits – later versions allow more complex combinations.  Without a passcode, thieves can easily disable other security measures (see “f” below).

c)       The passcode setup menu offers the facility to wipe all data after 10 incorrect passcode attempts.  If your handset contains confidential data which is backed up elsewhere you may care to activate this feature.

d)      On the iPhone 4S onwards, Siri can be accessed without the passcode.  To prevent this turn Siri “off” on the passcode screen.

e)      Each handset has a unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number.  Dependent on the model, it can be found:

1)      iPhone 6: settings > general > about

2)      iPhone 5: engraved near the bottom of the back case

3)      iPhone 3/4/4S: printed on the SIM card tray

4)      For Blackberry/Android handsets it can usually be viewed by typing “*#06#” into the keypad.

Take the IMEI number on holiday with you, along with a receipt or other documentation that links the IMEI to you.  If your handset is stolen the police will require proof of ownership, and most major carriers can blacklist your IMEI to prevent it from accessing their network.  This is useful but not fool proof as savvy thieves can give the phone a false IMEI.

f)       For handsets running iOS5 onwards - install, activate and test “Find My iPhone”.  This free app can use another Apple product to track your handset and show its location on a map.  You can then:

1)      Tell the handset to play a loud noise – useful if the handset is mislaid rather than stolen.

2)      Send a message to the handset requesting that the finder returns the handset to you.

3)      Lock the handset and remotely install a passcode.

4)      Wipe all data.  This is a last resort as it will also erase the tracking software, making it impossible to locate the handset.

g)      Apple recently announced its “Activation Lock” for iOS7 which will render stolen Apple devices useless without the rightful owner’s Apple ID and password - even in wiped by the thief.  It is unclear however what ramifications this might have for purchasers of used handsets.

h)      If your iPhone is stolen - inform your service provider without delay to minimise your liability.  You might also need to inform the local police (to get a crime number), your insurance company - and possibly your employer.

Home of the worlds smallest PC has a new Website

by Simon Thomas from Toucan Internet LLP

02nd July 2013

Post Type: Other

When WSPC the “home of the world’s smallest pc” needed a new website they had no hesitation in putting this important project to the incumbent web development company Toucan Internet.


WSPC build small, robust PCs that have the power and performance of desktop computers but take up minimal space making them ideal where space is at a premium and perfect for marine, automobile and other niche applications. Details at

Toucan Internet has looked after WSPC for many years and by consistent online marketing have secured good footfall to the site of relevant visitors looking to purchase, be they individuals or, more the norm, organisations looking for multiple purchases.

The website creative design immediately shows the visitor applications for the small PC’s so putting the product in context visually as soon as it’s glimpsed. This is very powerful for convincing relevant visitors to stay on site when they arrive from a search result.

Understanding buyers’ needs, we grouped the products into subcategories so that only the correct products are shown that meet the customers’ needs. This therefore makes it easy to select the most appropriate PC before buying through the onsite checkout.

The whole site is managed by WSPC using the Toucan Control Panel that makes complex updates to content and the shop a simple task.

Heavily optimised for continued search engine success, coding is in place to trap anyone following a link to the old site so they are seamlessly delivered to the new site; it’s all too easy to forget the quality links old sites have when developing new.

Toucan Internet is pleased to continue to contribute to the success of this long-established and well-regarded specialist pc supplier.


To find out more about how Toucan Internet LLP can improve your online success, please feel free to contact Simon at the contact points below.

t: 01279 871 694



Will the lights stay on ?

by Steven Godfrey from Auditel

01st July 2013

Post Type: Education Item

Ambitious green energy targets have forced many coal and gas fired power stations to close, reducing the UK’s generative capacity.  By 2015 maximum capacity will possibly exceed demand by as little as 2%, according to recent Ofgem figures - leaving little margin for error.  Against a backdrop of reduced energy generation, Britain’s energy security relies on “enticing” homes and businesses to become more efficient, however the lynchpin of the government’s strategy “the Green Deal” shows little sign of success with just 2 households having joined since the scheme’s inception in January.  There is even discussion of offering financial incentives for energy-hungry businesses to switch off during periods of peak consumer demand.  Who would fund this scheme ?  Consumers, of course.  Energy bills seem destined to continue their journey ever upwards…. 

Praise for Coaching Dynamics

by Tina Dulieu from Coaching Dynamics: Tina Dulieu, B.Ed., Dip CEC

21st June 2013

Post Type: Other
Thank you very much to Hilary Westgarth MD of Transforming Telesales and AV UK Ltd for this wonderful testimonial!

"I would like to provide a testimonial for the wonderful help and support you have provide our business. You have worked with me and our managers to help... our business grow, certainly “challenging us to be successful”. Your support has always been helpful and structured and we would certainly not have grown as successfully without your help. We particularly found the DISC profiling beneficial and as you know use this in our recruitment.
  Thank you once again for all the help and support and we look forward to working with you in the future.”