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Round pegs into round holes: circular packaging

by Noel Greenwood from GWD

28th March 2013

Post Type: Education Item

If someone asked you to picture a box, what would it look like?  Would it have straight lines and right angles?  Would it be quadrilateral, and would all the sides be congruent?  If that’s what your understanding of boxes is, unfortunately we’re going to have to break it you – boxes can be much, much more than that.  If you’re looking for something a little bit different and with a few less corners, then a round box could be precisely the thing.

Round box for Bettys

Round box for Bettys

Round boxes are an increasingly popular way to make a statement with your packaging and at GWD we produce a number of different round boxes for a variety of clients.  Given the time of year, round boxes are particularly appropriate given that circularity often represents the circle of life, and Easter is a time of new life.  Spring is just around the corner (if we could just stop having these devastatingly cold spells!), and the circular speaks to us of new beginnings.

An Easter Egg box for Damian Allsop

An Easter Egg box for Damian Allsop

At GWD, given our dedication to providing high quality confectionery packaging, it should be of no surprise that we get pretty busy at Easter and we’ve made quite a few round boxes for Easter eggs and other Easter related products – for example the Damian Allsop Easter egg box pictured. One particular customer BGC has decided to gift their clients a William Curley Easter egg in a particularly beautiful red round box as pictured below.

Easter Egg box for Williams Curley

Easter Egg box for William Curley

If you’re looking for an Easter gift that is a break from the norm, then you may be looking at other confectionery products such as the Bettys Peppermint Cream box pictured.

However, the round theme doesn’t stop with Easter; this year we’ve been busy with a number of clients making round boxes for a range of different purposes.  For example, round hat boxes are often used for presenting beautiful flower bouquets and GWD have just recently made two round hat boxes for a leading supermarket’s online floral business.

Round boxes can also be great for use as a promotional tool – Remploy are promoting one of their services with the use of a round box accompanied by round information cards.

Remploy disc box

Remploy disc box

A big round hat box is the perfect way to make a statement with your packaging and encourage interest in your product.  Round boxes can be constructed to specifically cater for one product or they can also be a great way to hold a variety of different gifts in one piece of packaging.


Noel Greenwood is the Managing Director of GWD Ltd, the designers and manufacturers of presentation and promotional packaging.  You can reach him on (01279) 416093 or at the company’s website:

Empire State Building upgrades to LED lighting

by Steven Godfrey from Auditel

20th March 2013

Post Type: Education Item

Following 9-11 and the collapse of the World Trade Centre, The Empire State Building once again became Manhattan’s tallest building.  Construction is well underway on the WTC’s replacement, and on April 30th 2012 the new No.1 World Trade Center once again become New York’s tallest structure.

The Empire State Building has been a Manhattan landmark since 1939 and is always lit during the hours of darkness.  Its light shows are as legendary as they are spectacular, and it has recently brought these up to date by replacing the existing 400 incandescent lamps with 1200 Philips Color Kinetic led luminaires.

The old lights could display 10 colours – the new leds can display a 16 million.  The led arrays will be computer controlled to allow lighting effects such as “ripples, cross-fades, sparkles, chasers, sweeps, strobes and bursts”.  The system cost several million dollars to install but uses only 25% of the energy of the previous lights.  It will recoup installation costs within 6 years.

Talking business

by Jeremy Rose from Creative Solutions

06th March 2013

Post Type: New Member Article
Talking business

I like talking business, and indeed I like helping businesses talk about themselves. This is what we do for Whitbread, Dixons, Mothercare, Costa Coffee and British Hospitality Association.

We create the right presentation, prospectus, report or presentation. We're very good at it and we always deliver on time, in budget. That's what we do, and that's why we are asked to create value for other businesses.

So imagine my delight when BNI head office started promoting Andy Bounds talking business tips for BNI members.

So, listen and learn from Andy Bounds. A terrific speaker.

How do we relate King Canute with this information? Look & Learn illustration from 1989 shows King Canute addressing the crashing waves on the English shores.

How does this relate to you? Every business must change, adapt and not think that business will automatically stop and buy from them.

Creative Solutions has adapted and changed over the years. We'll create the right impression, at the right time, every time. 

Big or Small, we'll design for them all.


Jeremy Rose, Creative Solutions 01799 541114 or email

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Yet another surcharge on your energy bill

by Steven Godfrey from Auditel

03rd March 2013

Post Type: Education Item

The Green Deal has begun.  It is a self-funding initiative to encourage householders and business owners to fit energy efficiency measures and reduce bills.  The Deal’s “Golden Rule” is that the cost of any measures should always be less than the monetary savings they bring.  The scheme has had a tenuous start – allegedly the first 3 months of the scheme saw only 5 applications nationally.

Many households simply cannot afford the capital outlay necessary for improvements.  In addition, certain houses (mainly older solid-wall properties) would benefit greatly from insulation but these “hard to treat” buildings are expensive to insulate.  By failing the “Golden Rule” they become wholly or partially ineligible for the Green Deal.  A subsidy scheme called the Energy Companies Obligation Order (ECO) has been created to assist these sectors.

Phase 1 of ECO began on 5 December 2012.  It places a legal obligation on major energy companies to subsidise the installation of insulation/economy measures for certain low income or vulnerable households.  ECO has three main strands:

a)      60% will be spent on the Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation, intended for remedies that fail the Green Deal “Golden Rule” such as solid wall insulation or hard-to-treat cavity wall insulation.

b)      15% will be spent on the Carbon Saving Community Obligation, to subsidise insulation measures for domestic energy users in low income areas.  Measures include wall/loft insulation, double glazing and boiler replacement.

c)       25% will be spent on the Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation, to assist low income and vulnerable households to economically heat their homes (mainly social housing sector).  Any measure is potentially eligible provided it cuts heating bills.

ECO will add an estimated £1.3 bln per year to consumer’s energy bills.  Eligibility is complex and depends on location, individual financial circumstances and an EPC survey.  Information on how to apply can be found here.

Creative Solutions helps British economy

by Jeremy Rose from Creative Solutions

26th February 2013

Post Type: Newspaper Article
Creative Solutions helps British economy

Creative Solutions were chosen to design and create the prestigious mid-term report for the British Hospitality Association BHA.

"The Power of Britain's Hospitality and Tourism economy" report is being launched on 7 March in front of London's most influential organisations. 

Creative Solutions director, Jeremy Rose, commented: "We've put a lot of thought in creating a modern. creative aspect to the design format. The info graphics get the message across. We take great pride in getting across the right image for our clients."

For further information, please call Jeremy Rose, Creative Solution 01799 541114 or email

Big or Small, we design it all