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Super Hooper

by Vicky Wright from Shake & Shuffle

08th November 2012

Post Type: Newspaper Article


No longer is the 'Hula Hoop' but instead..the POWERHOOP!

Shake & Shuffle are introducing Powerhoop classes to their timetable. Combining old fashioned fun with modern design, Powerhoops give great enjoyment to all who use them yet are fantastic "waist-whittlers"!!

These weighted, padded Powerhoops are a fun and effective way to slim your waist and strengthen your core muscles. They're weight and large diameter make Powerhoops easy to use, even for those who never succeeded with old fashioned plastic hulahoops (like myself!)

Benefits include:

  • Weight loss/calorie burn
  • Improved coordination and endurance
  • Reduced lower back pain and stiffness
  • Slimmer waist, glutes, hips & thighs

These brightly coloured hoops can work wonders! With regular use - just a few minutes a day - the results will speak for themselves.
Lose inches and lb's - from one group measured the minimum loss was 1 inch! Some lost up to 4 inches!!

Powerhoops are easily dimantled to store in a small box so they do not take up space. Or, simply stow it behind a sofa for ease - you are more likely to use it if you can see it! Just a few minutes a day, for instance, the ad breaks of your favourite TV show. Don't be fooled into thinking this is a female-only activity. Powerhoops are great for men, women, girls and boys! We have had more men try it out and buy hoops than you'd believe!

At £45, you can have great fun as a family (kids LOVE these hoops!), slim down in time for Christmas and have great fun and laughter during the process! You do not need to own a Powerhoop in order to come to our classes, simply book your place and you can loan a hoop each class!

Please let me know if you are interested in buying a Powerhoop for yourself or maybe for a loved one for a unique Christmas present. They are selling like hotcakes and new orders are going in very soon!

Classes will be up and running very soon, please put your name down ASAP if you are interested in joining! Find us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest news on new classes starting...


Vicky Wright

Shake & Shuffle


Who are Labcare Service, and what's so special about them?

by Philip Sandom from Labcare Service Limited

08th November 2012

Post Type: Other
Who are Labcare Service, and what's so special about them?

Labcare Service commenced trading in October 2010 and were
previously the service division of an established laboratory instrument
manufacturer/supplier that went into administration. Now trading as a an
independent third party service provider in the Life Science and Biotech sector
our USP is providing excellence in service provision to a sector recognised as
in a long term growth cycle, Labcare Service has a team of highly skilled
engineers with a cumulative total of 40 years’ experience in the sector.

When a customers’ Instrument fails in the Life Science
sector the quality of service is critical to the success of the often life
changing work that they are engaged in researching,  Labcare Service recognise that and provide a
customer focussed strategy designed to minimise the downtime and inconvenience
by responding quickly and ,in many cases within 8 working hours of receiving a
breakdown one of our team will be at the customers site, in addition we strive,
wherever possible fix the instrument on a ‘first time fix’ basis.

We have an extensive stock of loan instruments that we
utilise when the technical issues is a little more challenging.

Also In the current economic climate where all sectors are
and the Life Science is no different in that respect, Labcare Service are
targeting customers where older instruments are often equal to the task of
newer variants, we strive to beat obsolescence wherever possible by using the
skills of our engineer to repair so our customers choose the moment when to
replace instruments.


by Robin-Stretton from RST Environmental

07th November 2012

Post Type: New Member Article

We have all noticed the drop in temperature recently and the temptation to crank up the thermostat to ensure we keep warm at either our desk or in our homes. We are very happy to service our boiler once a year, or to bleed our radiators but do we ever check that our building is ready for winter and performing as it should?

Through our expertise in Thermography and our 30+ years of experience in Architecture we can with our cameras actually  “see”  your heat escaping and help you to identify exactly where to carry out any maintenance works or improvements to capture and keep more of your heat in.

With another 10% rise in utilities costs recently announced the very small cost of the survey will show you exactly where you can save your energy. Our season has just started so please contact to book your survey. They start from just £80 and therefore compared to the cost of providing the heat to start with, is a great way to save more and cut costs.

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Cost effective cutouts in fight against crime

by Jeremy Rose from Creative Solutions

31st October 2012

Post Type: Newspaper Article
Cost effective cutouts in fight against crime

‘Cost effective’ cops were on display at our October meeting. Creative Solutions provided Newport Business Association with a cost-effective way of cutting crime -cut-out-cops to deter crime and reduce shoplifting.

Businesses feel vulnerable to rising crime during these difficult economic times and have had to take drastic action to secure premises from criminal activities. NBA members suggested an alternative to expensive deterrents.

NBA members suggested that cardboard cutouts, as demonstrated with the three cost-effective, cardboard policemen displayed at the meeting, could deter burglars and thieves from shops and business premises. 

Police Forces have loved the idea, and the cutouts, when placed in shop windows and doorways, boost public confidence, deter criminals and make the police more 'approachable'. Greater Manchester Police claim that the cardboard cutouts at superstores have reduced shoplifting by 75%.

Nick Alston, Conservative candidate for Essex Police & Crime Commissioner, noted: "I was delighted to be invited to speak to the NBA to raise awareness about the P&CC election on 15 November and to talk about my campaign. The election is a great opportunity for everyone in Essex, for the first time, to have some democratic say over the priorities of the Essex Police and to elect someone to hold the Police to account on their behalf. I am enthusiastic about the role and believe I have the relevant experience to make a success of it. It really is democracy in action; we don't see new initiatives like this very often."

"I had some great suggestions and questions from the members of the NBA. It is clearly an association that not only promotes business to business opportunities but is also keen to engage with the important issues of the day and to support the local community. Thanks and well done to the NBA."

If you'd like to order the incredibly life-like cardboard policemen, call Newport Business Association on 01799 541114, or email for a special introductory offer of £60 + vat, or £160 + vat for all three. The dedicated police team could make the ultimate deterrent. Work them in shifts or station them in different areas. See web site for more details:

Funding for Training for Essex Businesses

by Tina Dulieu from Coaching Dynamics: Tina Dulieu, B.Ed., Dip CEC

28th October 2012

Post Type: Other

Tina Dulieu of  Coaching Dynamics is currently promoting her training programmes to Essex Businesses who could receive up to £1000 of funding from Essex County Council.  Tina's specific training programmes are: Management Skills Training; Sales Strategy Training.  The funding is 70% paid by ECC and 30% paid by the business; training  must be completed by 31/03/13 so interested businesses should take action soon.

For further details contact Tina at  Information on the scheme can be found at