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Testimonial from Labcare for Coaching Dynamics

by Tina Dulieu from Coaching Dynamics: Tina Dulieu, B.Ed., Dip CEC

06th September 2012

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Tina Dulieu was delighted to receive the attached testimonial from Phil Sandom, Director of Labcare Services, and fellow member of the Gateway-to-Business Chapter following the completion of a 3-month Business Coaching Programme.

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Helping hand to a healthier lifestyle

by Jeremy Rose from Creative Solutions

05th September 2012

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Helping hand to a healthier lifestyle

PEOPLE in the Saffron Walden area looking to lead a healthier lifestyle now have an excellent helping hand available to them.

From September 5, an NHS-funded Health Trainer will be available every Wednesday at Saffron Walden Community Hospital, offering free advice and support to people who wish to make changes to their lifestyle.

The Health Trainer service across west Essex is being run by one of the country’s largest and most successful social enterprise healthcare providers, Anglian Community Enterprise (ACE), which has been awarded a one-year contract by NHS West Essex.

James Yallop, in charge of the Health Trainer service across west Essex, said: “The beauty of the Health Trainer service is, firstly, it is free and, secondly, it is tailored to the specific circumstances and needs of each individual. Our team of Health Trainers and volunteer Health Champions work in the community with individuals, helping them change their lifestyle so that they can achieve their goals for a healthier lifestyle.

“It’s not all prescriptive and we don’t preach. It’s all about partnership working and empowering people to help turn around their lives in the way they wish to turn them around, tackling such issues as weight management, physical activity, smoking, alcohol and stress.

“The five key lifestyle behaviours we tackle are:
weight management
stopping smoking
reducing alcohol intake
getting more physically active
dealing with stress, depression and anxiety. 

“One of our Health Trainers, Samantha Whiteman, will now be based at Saffron Walden Community Hospital every Wednesday so this is a great opportunity for people to avail themselves of the service. It is best if people book their appointment first by calling 0800 731 3133.”

One person who has already taken advantage of the service and is delighted with the results is 50-year-old Jeremy Rose from Newport. “I came across the Health Trainers at a well-being day at Uttlesford District Council. I had a free health check and discussed my weight and lifestyle with the Health Trainer team. I really liked what I heard because it was all about them listening to how I felt and coming up with suggestions which specifically suited what I wanted to achieve.

“I’ve worked for myself as a creative designer for 12 years now and was becoming very conscious that I needed to make some ‘me time’ to enable me to introduce changes to my lifestyle. I had a fairly good idea of where I needed to make changes – stop missing breakfast, walk to work rather than take the car, cut back on the coffee – but the approach taken by James was brilliant. It really helped focus my mind.

“I see a Health Trainer once a month now because it helps give me that all-important nudge. I’ve been recommending the service to lots of people because I am so enthused by what it has done for me – and it’s all totally free!”

Coaching Dynamics' DISC Personality Profiling feature in Mwaah Magazine

by Tina Dulieu from Coaching Dynamics: Tina Dulieu, B.Ed., Dip CEC

03rd September 2012

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One of Tina Dulieu's specialisms is the analysis of DISC Personality Profiles to help Management teams within a company understand their own personalities, strengths and how they react under stress, as well as the profiles of the people they manage.  It is a powerful tool in helping businesses be more efficient through recognising and correctly utilising the strengths of everyone's personality within the company.

Mwaah Magazine featured an article written by Tina on the power of DISC Personality Profiling within business and it can be read through this link:

Testimonial for Coaching Dynamics

by Tina Dulieu from Coaching Dynamics: Tina Dulieu, B.Ed., Dip CEC

03rd September 2012

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Tina Dulieu, Business & Executive Coach at Coaching Dynamics was pleased to receive this testimonial from Ann Fegan, Director of The Laser Hair Clinic and The New Hair Company:

"I was introduced to Tina and immediately knew that she showed empathy, ambition, drive and and an immense understanding of the business world.

I have found my meetings with Tina to be invaluable; she is always able to offer relevant and knowledgeable advice.  The changes that Tina has supported me to make have improved my businesses across the board, including financially and administratively. 

In this economic climate, working with Tina is, for me, an absolute must!"

Ann Fegan,

The Benefit of Business Hugs

by Jane Malyon from The English Cream Tea Company

30th August 2012

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The Benefit of Business Hugs

27 years ago I attended a meeting.  The costs to the hosts were less than a pound - and yet, the meeting was so wonderful and I felt so treasured, that I remember it to this day. 

Whatever did they do to achieve that effect on such a small outlay?  They held the meeting around a round table by a fireside, and brought in a tray of hot buttered toast and KitKats with mugs of tea.  It was charming and we were in rapport before the first crust was reached.

My business focusses on creating hamper boxes of delicious afternoon tea or English picnics.  Yes, the food is delightful with great attention to detail.  Yes, we can get them to all parts of mainland UK in special chilled packaging.   But the part that makes my heart sing the most is that these are sharing boxes.  You sit round and pass the cakes...pass the scones...pass the clotted cream....the sandwiches....or the picnic foods.  You share time together, quality time - and it’s that, that makes our hamper boxes even more special. 

My book Play Nicely! Encourages old fashioned manners and authentic communication.  Don’t wait for someone to be ill or even a funeral to say kind things to people.  Let’s make every day a chance to spend some quality moments with others.

I’m surrounded by lovely people.  My BNI group is populated with them and we enjoy both business opportunities and laughs together.  If I had a problem, I’d put the word out and I know I’d have offers of help before the internet ink dried.

Business comes down to people and we all need nurturing, kindness and 'hugs'.  Our hampers are hugs in a box but the missing ingredients in every box are the people who are going to share and enjoy it and use the fun opportunity of tucking into delicious goodies as a chance to spend some quality time with special people.  That’s what makes a memory - even one that lasts 27 years!  Good times.