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Member Speaker 22nd September 2011 - Chris Barnes - Ashbourne Insurance

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21st September 2011

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Providers of both Commercial and Personal Lines Insurance.

  • Personal Service
  • Claims Advice
  • Rebroking
  • Fast Friendly Service
  • Efficiency

Providers of both Commercial and Personal Lines Insurance.
We have had over 25 years experience and pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with a thorough understanding of their insurance requirements, enabling us to offer them the right insurance solutions.

The winner of the coveted Silver Sausage for the best 60 second presentation this week goes to......

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20th September 2011

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Tina Dulieu of Coaching Dynamics - Specialising in Business & Executive Coaching - Challenging You To Be Successful!

This week she is particularly interested in introductions to recruitment companies who specialise in senior management positions

So who do you know in this particular field, it might be a client of yours, a supplier or even a business associate, please check your databases and let us help Tina grow her business by putting them in touch with her.

Please check out her page on the members section of the Gateway to Business Web site for her contact details and lots of testimonials from other satisfied client.

Member Speaker 15th September 2011 - Noel Greenwood - GWD

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14th September 2011

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Ground-breaking levy scheme approved

by Robin-Stretton from RST Environmental

13th September 2011

Post Type: Newspaper Article
Ground-breaking levy scheme approved

Newark and Sherwood District Council in Nottinghamshire is set become the first planning authority in England to introduce a charge on development to help pay for vital community facilities. Its Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) proposals have been approved by an independent planning inspector with one minor modification.

His report will be considered by the council this month (September) but the charging schedule is unlikely to come into effect until December.

CIL will be chargeable on the net increase in floor space and charges depend on the type and location of development. Retail developments will be charged £125 per sq m in the Newark urban area while residential rates will vary from £0 to a maximum of £75 per sq m, depending on location across the planning authority.

The charges collected by the council may be used to fund new infrastructure directly or may be redistributed to the appropriate delivery organisations.

The money raised, an estimated £35m over the next 15 years towards identified funding deficits, will be used to fund district-wide infrastructure that cannot necessarily be attributed to individual development sites, such as rural highway improvements and a new secondary school in Newark.

The council now hopes to help other authorities by offering a full consultancy service, covering all aspects of CIL adoption from inception to examination.

Adrian Kerison, the council’s growth point manager, said: “We are delighted with the inspector’s report. It represents the successful culmination of over a year’s work and it is gratifying that the methodology we have devised to underpin our CIL system has proved to be compliant with the regulations and statutory guidance.

“We now intend to share our experience with other authorities and offer a ‘one stop shop’ consultancy service in partnership with HEB Chartered Surveyors and Gleeds cost consultants.”

It is anticipated that the CIL will be reviewed every three years, in addition to the publication of annual financial monitoring reports, required by the CIL regulations.

Planning portal - RST Bringing you the Architectural news that matters

iPhone and POP3 Accounts

by Simon Thomas from Toucan Internet LLP

07th September 2011

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iPhone and POP3 Accounts

As providers of email facilities to business, Toucan Internet LLP is called upon to offer additional support for the many mobile devices that hang on the end of our services. Most of these have their own little foibles that, if you’re unaware of, can cost hours of lost time, raise your blood pressure to dangerous levels and leave you wondering why you ever upgraded in the first place. Don’t worry you’re not alone.

Some clients have issues connecting the iPhone to POP3 accounts, not because of the product itself, but rather the lack of configuration advice available to users. Having helped clients recently, this basic information may well be helpful to many.

If you have another device such as a main PC that is also collecting your email, then there can be clashes as the POP3 protocol that handles your mail can only service one device at one time, therefore if one is connected and the other one polls the mail box it will return an error as it cannot get access.

These are typical log errors that show the issue and your sysadmin people will be able to spot this:

May 19 12:54:35 toucan ipop3d32387: Login user=mrmail host= nmsgs=10/10
May 19 12:58:56 toucan ipop3d725: Error opening or locking INBOX user=mrmail

Here we see the iPhone log in at 12:54:35 from IP address and before that mail session has closed the office PC log has attempted a connection to the same account from The office pc would report a connection error.

To avoid this being a continual issue one solution would be to only have the office PC collecting when you are there. There are countless other ways email accounts can be configured that we’ll not debate them all here, but rather flag up this iPhone/Mobile device and POP3 issue.

Particularly with the iPhone and the above configuration with an office PC on the same account it is important to set the iPhone push facility to “off”. From our experience if this is set to “on” the iPhone doesn’t close the session after polling the POP3 account therefore locking the mail box from access by other devices, such as the office PC.

Specific to Toucan Internet LLP POP3 accounts in the advanced settings set “SSL” to off. The SMTP authentication should be set to “password”.

Hi Simon

Thank you for your help and assistance with the iPhone4 queries, you have achieved in 5 minutes what Vodafone have taken over 2 hours to not resolve! I have discussed with them just now about Outlook needing to be closed to get emails on the iPhone and they have advised altering the Outlook settings to ‘keep the mail on the server’ which I have done and it appears to be working OK but goodness knows what else it will put out of sync!

Saffron Walden

If you are looking for a reliable provider of business email facilities with a human interface, please have a chat with Simon @ Toucan Internet LLP, details below.

t: 01279 871 694
e: Internet LLP

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